Sweet Beginnings by Jill Elliot
  The Little MatchMaker with the Big Heart
Serving the Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, Lower Bucks and Montgomery County
Communities with Personalized Matchmaking Services
Since 1986

This service is the best . Jill Elliott is great ,professional and reasonable. Great with follow up I recommend this service highly.

Debbie T.   April 6, 2015

Jill is a sweetheart and it's clear to see and feel that her positive7 energy and excitement is invested in the people finding other people. I have been on uncountable dates. this has been a learning curve for me and Jill was there each and every Call and always to lend support and advice..finally after many interesting and local mem i was quite pleased and the guy for me was found.I don't know how to thank you jill before right now and hopefully for my future I have a guy I am so happy pleased with and is my type I love you jill thank you

Karen V.   February 22, 2015

Jill Elliot's Sweet Beginnings service is a breath of fresh air in today's matchmaker world! Call it unconventional since it is not your typical computer based "people mill". Jill is a professional and has been offering highly personalized matchmaking for about 30 years. Instead of an online application, you meet one-on-one with Jill in a relaxed atmosphere where you work together to define your preferences. When a suggested match is presented, you can have confidence that the other person has similarly met and described themselves and their interests and expectations. In other words, you both receive factual data. No misstated ages and descriptions... no awkward first "blind contact"... in fact, no contact unless mutually approved.

I have found Jill to be honest and extremely sensitive to all important personal chemistry. For the reasonable rate charged, she provides 110% hands-on support and effort all through the process including follow-ups, date coaching and more. Based on experience, I highly recommend Sweet Beginnings and Jill to anyone seriously seeking to find that someone special.

William in Montgomery County   February 10, 2015

Sweet Beginnings - a quality organization I met Jill Elliott - the owner of Sweet Beginnings Dating Service and found her to be completely professional. Moreover Jill is an extremely kind, caring person who goes out of her way to provide top level service to her clients. She provides matches that are well thought out and meticulous follow-up. She is sincere in her efforts to provide appropriate matches and has infinite patience when dealing with people who are nervous about re-entering the dating arena. My personal experience was extremely positive. I met a truly amazing man and we have been dating exclusively for a while now. Had it not been for Jill's efforts on my behalf I would never have had this opportunity. The level of integrity, sensitivity, and invaluable advice that Jill provides is consistent and she can always be relied on to return all phone calls. After having dealt with Jill, it is readily apparent that she truly cares about her clients and takes enormous pride in her work. Her fees are drasticly lower than other agencies which do not provide one half of the service that Jill offers.

jhmoore   July 26,2010

What an amazing experience The thought of joining a dating service made me very nervous. However upon meeting with Jill my apprehension went away at once. She is such a kind caring person. For $299 I received more matches than people spending 1000's of dollars. She wanted feedback from every match and really, really cared about me and all her clients. I met 11 women through her ( who also raved about Jill and her work ethic) and am now happily engaged. I tried the internet and got nothing but liers and losers. Jill IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!


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